About Me…

My name is Jason J. Connor.

I have been a baseball fanatic for over 30 years and a Chicago White Sox fan for most of that time. White Sox baseball is my love and my passion.

In addition to White Sox baseball, I like watching a wide variety of TV programs and YouTube channels. My preferences include the Chicago Fire/P.D./Med/Justice series, Star Trek, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Lone Ranger and various other old time westerns, Forensic Files, The Joy Of Painting, The Outer Limits, Family Guy, the 1966 Spider-Man series, The Dukes Of Hazzard, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Real Ghostbusters, South Park and The Twilight Zone. On YouTube, I enjoy watching The 8-Bit Guy, Biographics, Camping With Steve, Foresty Forest, Rock And Roll True Stories, Kent Survival, The History Guy, Cold Fusion TV, Computer Clan, Scott The Woz, Nekkid Watchmaker, Weird History and Curious Droid.

I enjoy listening to my extensive collection of audiobooks, as well as CBS Radio Mystery Theater and a large number of science books. I also enjoy listening to various western radio programs (especially The Lone Ranger) from the 1940s and 1950s.

I love playing video games, specifically MLB The Show, the Grand Theft Auto series, the Batman Arkham series, the Red Dead Redemption series, the Need For Speed series, the Hitman series and the Doom series, as well as playing a number of classic NES, Super NES, Game Boy and Sega Genesis titles on my Hyperkin Retron5 and Nintendo Switch.

I like to listen to music and my preferences are all over the map, from AC/DC to The Beatles to KISS to Hank Williams to KISS to Judas Priest to Guns N’ Roses.

I hate politics with a passion. I do not watch the news (especially the mainstream national media) and will remove anyone immediately from my life and friends list who consistently posts political nonsense, no questions asked. I also will not argue or “discuss” politics.

Peace. ✌🏻

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